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Congressional Visit Materials

General Documents

Legislative Briefing Document  [PDF] The Legislative Briefing Document is a compilation of one-page documents describing the issues on our legislative agenda: The Credit Union Value Proposition (Tax Status), Reducing Regulatory Burden (including Examination Fairness and Privacy Notifications), and Charter Enhancements (Capital Reform and Member Business Lending).  These documents are designed to be leave-behinds in Congressional offices.


Legislative Affairs Webcast   The Legislative Affairs Webcast is a monthly briefing on credit union issues before Congress

New Member Congressional Meeting Outline  [Word]   [PDF]  This document provides talking points for first meetings with new Members of Congress.

90 Second Talking Points    [Word]    [PDF] The 90 Second Talking Points contains the major message points on each of the issues on one page (when printed on two-sides).  This document is designed to be a good cheat sheet for each of our issues.


Basic Info on Credit Unions   [Word]   [PDF] This document is high level overview of the credit union system. It is designed to be left-behind in a Congressional office.


Capitol Hill Do’s & Don’ts   [Word]   [PDF] This document is a list of reminders about how to conduct and what to expect during Congressional office visits.  A lot of the information in this document is common sense, but it is also a good reminder for everyone before going to the Hill.  

State Fact Sheets These one pagers detail the advantages credit unions provide to member and nonmembers in each state and are meant to be a leave behind to illustrate to Members of Congress the positive effect that credit unions have in their state.


Legislative Issues

Preserving the Credit Union Tax Status

NCUA's Risk-Based Capital Proposed Rule

The Need for Capital Reform

Regulatory Burden

The Privacy Notice Modernization Act

Deposit Insurance Parity for Lawyer Trust Accounts

Access to Federal Home Loan Banks - Privately Insured Credit Unions

Regulation D

Mortgage Rules

CFPB Reform

Examination Fairness

Data Security

Housing Finance Reform

Member Business Lending

Patent Litigation Reform

Interchange Fees

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

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