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Guide young members to financial independence

 1guides Guides has been updated. Click here to learn more.

Attract young adults to your credit union and foster long-term, loyal memberships with the newly upgraded Guides to Independence™.  Through first-hand accounts, simulations, videos, and interactive challenges, your young members will learn by doing and practice the skills necessary to build a strong financial future.

Guides to Independence is a Web tool composed of a series of interactive courses, activities and tests designed to teach money management skills to young adults. The new website features the first re-imagined course, Buy a Car with additional courses to be replaced upon completion.


$995 annually for credit unions with greater than $20 million in assets

$685 for credit unions with $20 million or less in assets

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The newly updated Guides to Independence™ brings credit unions the ability to engage young members and help them build a strong financial future through interactive education. The biggest change credit unions can expect in the new version is its increased appeal to young adults. Through first-hand accounts, simulations, videos, and interactive challenges, the new website adapts to the millennial on-the-go lifestyle. 

Additional new features:

  • Testing component qualifies millennials for your credit union's products and services
  • Full data tracking abilities with Google Analytics
  • Compatibility for laptop, tablet, and smart phone users
  • Shared user experience through social media
  • Customization options to keep your credit union top of mind

 Subscription to Guides to Independence includes:

  • Option to customize Guides to Independence with your credit union brand and to feature a resource link back to your website
  • Track results - see who has completed what courses and use test results to pre-qualify your members for products and services
  • Option to place a customized message on the certificate of completion and increase product and service sales
  • Ready-to-use, customizable marketing materials, such as linking strategies, articles and graphics, to help drive member traffic to Guides to Independence

What happens next?

After subscribing to Guides to Independence, you will receive installation instructions and a link to follow to easily customize and incorporate your microsite with unlimited links from your credit union website.

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We'll be happy to provide more information on Guides to Independence or CUNA's other microsites.

Please contact us at 800-356-9655, ext. 4344 or for product demonstrations and special multi-product pricing. Click here to request more information.

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CUNA offers a variety of microsites to help you reach, advise and connect with each of your core target audiences. Boost your member engagement with these options:

Anytime Adviser® – Interactive coaches helping members make sound financial decisions.

Calculators – Embed easy-to-use planning calculators.

El Poder es Tuyo – Engage new audiences with Spanish-language personal finance.

Googolplex® – Educate youth on the importance of financial education.

Home & Family Finance® Resource Center – Answer the necessary financial questions for your members.

MoneyMix – Target the young adult market to key in on primary borrowers.

Plan It- Toolkit secures financial plan for retirement years.

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CUNA's financial education microsites are embeddable and customizable content that help you drive member traffic to relevant parts of your credit union's website.

Each microsite's content is written and produced by experts in personal finance education. Content is updated frequently and addresses timely topics for your members, including auto loans, credit, retirement, housing, small business, saving and investing and more.

CUNA's staff is available to answer your questions about initial set-up and optimizing your microsite presentation to generate as much traffic as possible.

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