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Research about salary and compensation, strategic planning, market research and operational research.



  • The Research Roundup

    27917287477 false In depth analysis and commentary on trends and issues in the credit union industry. PastQuarter

  • Credit Union Data & Statistics

    A wide variety of credit union operational and financial statistics are posted here monthly, quarterly and annually. Looking for credit u ...

  • Economic Data and Forecasts

    A one-stop shop for the present, past, and future look at the economy.  Economic/credit union forecasts, interest rates, key indicators ...

  • Market Research

    CUNA gives credit unions the power of quality, custom market research to help make strategic decisions with confidence. With extensive in ...

  • Operational Research

    Analyze your credit union's performance and optimize your service to be a competitive choice for your members. Learn more about how CUN ...

  • Salary & Compensation Research

    Ensure your compensation packages are competitive with CUNA's suite of staff salary survey resources. Use the report as your initial inve ...

  • Strategic Planning Research

    Rely on CUNA’s strategic planning resources to deliver the insights and confidence you need to make crucial decisions for your credit union.

  • White Papers And Presentations

    Stay up-to-speed with the latest research and policy updates from CUNA.

  • Leadership & Management Resources

    Forward-thinking leaders champion a visionary culture, unite staff and optimize member experiences.

  • CUNA Strategic Services

    Our carefully chosen providers save you money and time by providing the products, services and technologies your credit union needs to co ...