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Salary & Compensation Research

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Build Your Credit Union's Ideal Team

Set annual budgets and make salary decisions when you gain access to CUNA Compensation Analytics, a cloud-based, interactive tool that allows you to set competitive and attractive salary packages for your staff and executive team.

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CUNA Compensation Analytics is built from combined data from nearly 1,300 credit unions for 100 job titles - more credit union-specific data than the salary studies from CUES and Compease combined.

Set Competitive Staff Salaries

Ensure your compensation packages are competitive with CUNA's suite of staff salary survey resources. Use the report as your initial investment and then choose from the other supplemental salary survey resources to apply in-depth information.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Position your credit union to attract and keep top CEO and executive talent with these resources, providing compensation data for credit unions $100 million or greater in assets.

Provide Complete Benefits Packages

See what types of incentive plans other credit unions are offering and allows you to see how your credit union's benefit packages match up with those of your peers.

Compare Your Credit Union’s Turnover and Staffing Levels

Receive key insights into turnover and staffing levels.

Provide Your Credit Union Members Superior Service

Make business considerations on your full range of services.

 Save Money with Salary and Compensation Packages

Buy a package and save over the individual product price.

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