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Non-Member Surveys

CUNA Research conducts Non-Member Surveys to help credit unions meet the challenge of attracting new members. The community charter survey questionnaire is generally one to two pages in length, and is customized to collect any type of information you need.


  • Demographics
  • Awareness of the credit union and its services
  • Credit union image
  • Reasons for not joining the credit union
  • Use of financial services elsewhere
  • "Loyalty" to their current financial services provider

These are just examples - your questionnaire is designed based on your needs. CUNA collects the information necessary to document your credit union's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities which will guide you in planning for the future.

Superior Research Procedures. We send one mailing with an incentive of $1 to the sample of non-members to increase the response rate. We typically achieve a response rates of about 15%. To get the sample of non-members, the credit union will need to work with any of its sponsors to provide a mailing list of potential members. If the credit union has a community charter, we can order the mailing list for you.

CUNA Research also provides recommendations for our non-member survey projects to help you make decisions about your credit union's future direction.


Each survey option is quoted on the scope, depth, and level of recommendations your credit union desires. Through personalized, one-on-one service, we'll help you identify the survey option that fits your needs and your budget.

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