ID Theft

ID Theft

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Verafin’s customer intelligence suite fully integrates anti-money-laundering, fraud detection, FACT Act Red Flag compliance and watch list checking - saving you time and giving you peace-of-mind knowing you are in compliance.

Stickley on Security: Online Member Education Videos
Your members face identity theft risks every day. Stickley on Security educates your members about those risks and what they can do to protect themselves via engaging videos and written security tips.

Statement Stuffers & Drive-up Envelopes

Phishing: Don't Take the Bait statement stuffer

Phishing drive-up envelope

Prevent Identity Theft drive-up envelope

Handbooks & Lobby Brochures

Fundamentals of Personal Finance Your Guide to Financial Fraud Prevention

Phishing: Stay Off the Hook lobby brochure

Stop Identity Theft lobby brochure

ID Theft Brochure:

How to Prevent & Get Over It

E-Guide Compliance Information

Resources For You and Your Members

Identity Theft: Who's Got Your Number member seminar kit
Everything you need to plan and execute a member seminar is in the box--just add the members! The seminar material covers what ID theft is, how crooks get personal information, when to provide a Social Security number, what to do if you’re a victim, and much more!

ID Theft Online Coach
Add a link to this interactive guide, which uses quizzes, simulations, and games to demonstrate how members can protect themselves from identity theft, including detecting phishing e-mails and spoofed Web sites.

FTC Web Site on ID Theft
Learn about the FTC's AvoID Theft: Deter, Detect, Defend campaign. The website includes links to materials (brochures and PowerPoint presentation) contained in the FTC’s ID Theft Consumer Education Kit, which are available in English and Spanish.

Statement stuffer brochures from FTC (Depending on availability, you may be able to order these from the FTC or print copies from a PDF file. CD-ROMs are available for the most popular brochures, which contain the artwork to have these reprinted from a commercial printer.)

FTC Brochure "Take Charge: Fighting Back Against Identity Theft"

ID Theft Affidavit

FTC: Immediate Steps for Victims of ID Theft

From BITS, an excellent white paper cover financial institution responsibilities

Identity Theft Resource Center

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Identity Theft Videos

FTC: ID Theft Video News Release (bottom of page; free; also included in their brochure CD)

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (13 minute video; available for $7.50)

US Postal Inspection Service (available to borrow)

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