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CUNA-League Membership

Credit Union National Association (CUNA) membership is unique in that it combines the power of a national association (CUNA) with the local presence and engagement of our network of 42 state and regional leagues to form a unequaled national network of organizations looking out for your credit union’s best interest in Washington, DC and across all 50 state capitals. This unique structure ensures that your credit union and its members’ interests are always being protected and promoted wherever your credit union does business.

Power of Association 2014

For a broad overview of the how the CUNA-League System works each day on your behalf, read The Power of Association.

Click here for the brochure and more information.

Benefits and resources available with your CUNA-League membership include:

Membership@WorkMembership@Work - A quarterly newsletter giving you a snapshot of the activities, efforts and results of your associations.

ChecklistsState-Specific Checklists - Featuring all of the resources available to you through CUNA and your League, Association or Network.

To find out about the benefits and impact of membership for your state, select your league below:

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