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CUs chalk up more media Frontline CNN.Money
WASHINGTON (11/30/09)--Credit unions and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) were featured prominently last week in articles for PBS's "Frontline,", Barron's, MarketWatch, and Investor's Business Daily. PBS on its Tuesday "Frontline" program about "The Card Game" was tough on banks but did not focus on credit unions. However, at the end of the program, the announcer advised viewers to go to Frontline's website for more information, including to find out "whether credit unions are a better alternative." Frontline's website article, "A Q&A on Credit Unions," discusses what makes credit unions different and features CUNA as the primary source. It also provides links to CUNA and the National Credit Union Administration as resources. In its discussion of the advantages of credit unions, a link citing a study by Forrester Research Inc., which found credit unions received much higher customer satisfaction ratings than banks, actually goes to a News Now article, "CUs tops in Forrester consumer opinion survey" (May 27). It also provides references and links to CUNA's credit union locator and, and provides comparisons from Datatrac that shows credit unions' favorable rates. In its section on credit cards, the article cites the Pew Charitable Trusts study that found credit unions' cards had better rates than banks' cards.. It also discusses overdrafts and quotes North Carolina State Employees' CU CEO Jim Blaine. Use the link to the article for more detail. Also in the news, a story on "5 reasons banks don't get it (and a few banks that do" cites credit unions among banks "that do" get it in the category of "delivering real service." San Francisco Fire FCU was noted as allowing members to get free FICO scores four times a year. In other coverage:
* MarketWatch featured a Barron's video on credit card fees and it cites the Pew study that was favorable for credit unions; * Mike Schenk, senior economist for CUNA, was featured in "Investor's Business Daily" discussing the economy. See News Now's related story in the Market section, "2% growth thru 2010, Schenk to "Investor's Biz Daily." * featured an article "Should You Get a Credit Union Credit Card." See related story in News Now's System section for "Bankrate: Should you get a CU credit card? Yes."
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