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Mazuma CU institutes fraud prevention Fridays
KANSAS CITY (8/16/10)--Mazuma CU will host Fraud Prevention Fridays throughout August at several branches, by partnering with Jeff Lanza, retired FBI agent and national speaker on fraud prevention and risk management. Lanza will speak on topics to increase awareness of how consumers become victims of fraud that affects their community, and how to prevent becoming a victim. Topics include phishing (fake e-mails) /smishing (bogus text messaging) /vishing (phony telephone messages) scams, senior citizen-targeted scams such as lotteries and sweepstakes, online shopping scams and Nigerian lottery scams. During the seminars, Rob Givens, president/CEO of the $400 million asset, Kansas City-based credit union, and Lanza will be promoting the presentations during interviews on KMBZ radio, a local radio talk show. “Educating the public is one of the best lines of defense against these types of criminals,” Givens said. “The more people become aware of scams and how to protect themselves against fraud, the less likely they will become a victim of one. This proactive approach to educate the community came about as a result of several text messaging scams that looked as if they were coming from Mazuma. “Unfortunately, we had a few Mazuma members call the telephone number located in a text message or e-mail they received, and they gave out personal information,” he continued. “The next thing they know, money has been taken out of their account. Our goal is to get the message out that people need to scrutinize who they share their personal information with. “We preach to our members, Mazuma CU will not call, e-mail or text a member nor ask for their personal information, but trusting people still call and give out their information,” Givens added. “Through this series of seminars, we hope members and non-members understand how important it is to be diligent about protecting their information.” Mazuma decided to partner with Lanza because he is a recognized and trusted name in the Kansas City community, the credit union said. Lanza worked more than 20 years as an FBI agent, serving as chief of internal security for the FBI’s Kansas City region for nearly two decades. He has appeared on television programs, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live and Fox News. Lanza dedicates his time to educating consumers and businesses on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. “As soon as the public becomes wise to a scam, the crooks find new ways to trick us,” Lanza said. “It is important that we all become educated and vigilant about fraud, because ultimately we all pay the cost.” The series will conclude at Mazuma’s main office Aug. 27. “We hope many members and non-members take advantage of these seminars,” Givens said. “We can all use the valuable information Jeff Lanza is providing to help protect our pocketbooks.”


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