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Missouri CU Assoc. involved with two bills affecting CUs
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (4/20/10)--The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) said it helped kill a “revenue enhancement” bill that would require financial institutions to run a data match for the state to help collect from delinquent taxpayers. The bill was considered in the Missouri state Senate last week. The Senate spent all last week debating appropriations bills that they received from the state House the prior week. The Senate finished debate on April 15, and the bills will now go to conference committee. This has been a serious business with lawmakers who are struggling to make the appropriate cuts to bring the state to a balanced budget without hurting vital state programs, MCUA said (The Missouri difference April 16). Also, MCUA’s Halley Hayden, director of communications, and Doug Macias, field representative, helped out lobbying last week as the association prepared for a bill to come to the floor that would allow highway credit unions to stay in Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) facilities. The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved a staff recommendation Wednesday to sever ties with the 10 credit unions located in MoDOT facilities in the state, according to MCUA (News Now March 12). The credit unions were told Jan. 21 that they would be required to vacate their locations by Sept. 30. They would no longer be able to process payroll and benefits through MoDOT after that date. Credit union employees were on MoDOT's salary and benefits plan but credit unions fully reimbursed MoDOT for those costs, MCUA said. The legislative session ends May 14. In the next few weeks, the House and Senate will dispense with rules regarding time limits on how long amendments must be filed prior to being offered as well as time frames on how bills are reported between the two houses of the General Assembly. When that starts, MCUA said its work at the capitol will begin in earnest.

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Celebrate #100MM with @MDDCCUA1 at Orioles v Blue Jays tonight at Camden Yards
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The At Home In Lawrence mortgage program from @MetroCU is designed to help revitalize Lawrence, Mass.
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