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Secret good-doer is a CU
BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (4/1/10)--For the past six weeks, a group of “do-gooders” have been treating Birmingham, Ala.-area residents to random acts of kindness--paying for their groceries, and meals, and offering discounts on gasoline for their cars.
Click to view larger image Legacy Community CU, Birmingham, Ala. anonymously performed random acts of kindness to individuals in its community during a six-week marketing campaign. Legacy recently revealed itself as the “do gooder” during a promotion at a local gas station. The campaign and reveal were well-received, Legacy said. (Photo provided by Legacy Community CU)
Last week, the group revealed itself--as Legacy Community FCU. The reveal took place on the credit union’s 55th anniversary. “There was no catch,” said Joseph McGee, Legacy CEO. “We just wanted to do something for the community.” Legacy anonymously performed acts of kindness for individuals in the community as a part of its marketing campaign, Do Something Good Today. The campaign was so secretive Legacy didn’t even tell all of its employees. Keeping it secret for so long “was an accomplishment in itself,” McGee told News Now. Legacy worked with a local marketing agency, Think Positive, to come up with a new tagline for the credit union--“Do Something Good With Your Money.” The tagline ended up blossoming into a bigger concept--to perform acts of kindness within the community with the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. “Someone has to plant the seed,” McGee said. Legacy revealed itself on March 25 at a local gas station, where the $317 million asset credit union offered gas to individuals for $1.99 a gallon for two hours. “Over the past six weeks, people from have been all over the Birmingham area doing good deeds and random acts of kindness, all to inspire our community--everything from filling up gas tanks, to paying for meals, groceries or haircuts, to buying toys for kids who recently lost everything in a fire at their home,” McGee said. “Legacy created as a way to give back to the community that has given so much to us since our founding back in 1955.” The reveal was received favorably. Legacy worried that some might think it was a catch--but everyone loved it, McGee said. Some of the individuals who received discounted gas were members, and judging by activity at the credit union’s branches that day--some became members, he added. The campaign was so successful that it has been extended into the Legacy For Good Foundation, which will continue the random acts of kindness. Legacy also will launch the Legacy Initiative for Financial Endowment (LIFE) to offer college scholarships, McGee said. Social media proved to be a huge part of the campaign’s success. Do Something Good Today was advertised on billboards, but much of its buzz was generated by those who had received acts of kindness and wrote about it on their social media sites. Legacy also set up a Facebook page where members became fans of the credit union and its campaign, said Michelle Willis, vice president of marketing and business development. When conducting this type of campaign, make a budget and stick to it, Willis said. “It was tough to cut off the gas promotion,” she said. “It’s also tough to go into a restaurant and pay for 10 meals when there are 20 people waiting in line,” she said. Willis noted that AltaOne CU, Ridgecrest, Calif., conducted a similar campaign that ran for four weeks. Legacy accepts ideas to help others from those who visit and nominations for individuals that need help. The website also features video diaries to track the good deeds, and their recipients’ reactions. “With the economy, there are so many people out there who are hurting,” Willis said.
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