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Diebold introduces anti-skimming card reader
NORTH CANTON, Ohio (7/30/14)--Diebold Inc.'s new ActivEdge card reader is designed to thwart criminals' ability to capture automated teller machine (ATM) users' card data.
The anti-skimming card reader prevents all known forms of skimming--the most prevalent type of ATM crime--as well as other forms of ATM fraud.
Diebold is a CUNA Strategic Services provider.
ActivEdge requires users to insert cards into the reader via the long edge, instead of the traditional short edge. By shifting a card's angle 90 degrees, ActivEdge prevents all modern skimming devices from reading the card's full magnetic stripe, eliminating the devices' ability to steal card data.
"Card fraud at the ATM is a serious and prevalent crime that leads to significant losses," said Andy W. Mattes, Diebold president/CEO. "ActivEdge will be a game changer in our industry's fight to protect consumer data."
ActivEdge prevents known skimming-related fraud by mitigating criminals' four primary attack vectors: external skimming, internal skimming, USB sniffing and device substitution.
ActivEdge's encrypted technology inhibits criminal modifications to the card reader. Its encrypted communication to the ATM's central processing unit eliminates the ability to fraudulently capture and track data. Each reader is paired with a specific ATM, precluding the installation of fraudulent readers.
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