Credit Union Advocates Blitz Congress on Don’t Tax Tuesday II

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Don't Tax My CU Tuesday


Social media impact doubled the second time around.

WASHINGTON, DC (09/11/2013) – The newest phase of a credit union social-media advocacy blitz targeted at Capitol Hill to deliver the message "Don't Tax My Credit Union" paid off big Tuesday. It brought the total numbers of hits to the Credit Union National Association's site to over 1 million views since being launched in May and helped the campaign generate an overall total of 850,000 the messages to member of Congress.

The major social media push used Twitter, Facebook, as well as CUNA's own websites--in Spanish and English--to generate over 5,000 tweets, 600 Facebook posts and 8,000 messages to lawmakers.

“This campaign was more successful than we could have anticipated,” said Bill Cheney, president/CEO of CUNA. “The level of engagement we saw on Don’t Tax Tuesday is a testament to the power of social media and to the dedication of credit union members, who value their credit unions so much that they actually want to stand together and advocate for protecting that value with lawmakers.”

#DontTaxTuesday Highlights

  • More than 5,000 tweets and 600 Facebook posts were made yesterday as part of Tuesday’s #DontTaxMyCU campaign
  • 4,800 tweets were specifically aimed at the Twitter accounts of Members of Congress (Doubling results from the first #DontTaxTuesday campaign in July)
  • More than 1 million Twitter users were potentially exposed to the #DontTaxMyCU campaign yesterday – bringing our campaign total to more than 3 million social media users (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Our website saw more than 69,000 page views yesterday, nearly seven (7) times our daily average. Seventy percent (70%) of the nearly 23,000 unique visitors were first time visitors to the site—credit union members newly engaged in our campaign.
  • Outside of social media 8,000+ contacts delivered to the Hill the “old-fashioned” way – via email.
  • 850,000 total messages to congress since May

Strong advocacy efforts were seen throughout the day, as individuals, credit unions, credit union leagues and CUNA pushed their tax-status fight online. The heavy participation even crashed the "Don't Tax My Credit Union" website for a brief period, and the #DontTaxMyCU hashtag became a Twitter trending topic in the Missouri area.

CUNA and credit unions also had a new tool in their tax advocacy kit this time around: A Spanish-language version of the Don't Tax site,, that told members of Congress "No Le Cobren Impuestos a mi Credit Union" and featured a video message and action center. A Spanish language toolkit is also posted on

Coopera, an Iowa firm that provides credit unions with tools to reach Hispanic markets across America, was one group that actively promoted the bilingual credit union tax advocacy site. One Coopera tweet said "Es tiempo de enviarle un mensaje fuerte al Congreso para proteger a las #creditunions No Le Cobren Impuestos A Mi Credit Union! #DontTaxMyCU" (It's time to send a strong message to Congress: Protect credit unions! Don't Tax My Credit Union!).

The pro-credit union outreach effort also took on other forms: For instance, the Credit Union Association of New York developed its own Don't Tax My Credit Union video, and others used microvideo site Vine to make short pro-credit union tax status videos. Use the resource link for the CUANY YouTube video or click below.

The Michigan Credit Union League also made a powerful announcement on #DontTaxTuesday: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) added his name to complete the list of all Michigan legislators supporting credit unions, many of whom specifically backed the tax status. (See NewsNow story: Amash Endorsement Makes Michigan CU Support Unanimous.)

Online, Twitter messages ranged from Brittney Caravella's (@brit_nicole2135s) simple request of "#DontTaxMyCU yeah...just don't do it," to Courtney Lyn's (@koptnei37s) post, who wrote "We're not the same as banks; don't tax us like we are" and encouraged her followers to retweet if they belong to a credit union.

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