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FiCEP Recertification Requirements and Guidelines

The Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation requires recertification every three years to ensure that your financial counseling knowledge is current.

Summary of Recertification Process

There are two methods for recertification:

  1. Onsite: Attend the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor School: Update and successfully pass the recertification exam onsite.
  2. Self-study: Order the FiCEP Recertification print module and passing the proctored exam (Learn more about how to obtain this module and proctored exam below)

Steps to Recertification

  1. You will receive notification prior to when your recertification is due to expire.
  2. Choose your method of recertification (either Onsite or Self-Study).
    • Recertify by attending the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor School: Update and successfully passing the recertification exam onsite.
    • The price of testing is included in the program tuition. You do not need to complete the recertification application with this method.
  3. Recertify by using the self-study method. 
    • You must complete the Recertification Application and then you will receive the FiCEP Recertification module.
      Upon receipt of your application, CUNA will process your application and send you the FiCEP Recertification print module and bill your credit union the recertification application fee of $240. (Note: New module available in June 2014).
    • You will receive a complimentary test code with your module.

Testing Information

If you are recertifying by attending the CUNA Certified Financial Counselor School: Update, you will test on-site and the cost of testing will be included in your program tuition. You will receive your grade on-site after the testing period concludes.

For self-study only: Use the FiCEP Recertification module to study and review. To request your recertification exam, please complete the Proctored Exam Request Form. You must schedule an exam date with your proctor prior to sending this form to CUNA. Upon receipt of this form, CUNA will validate the information and the exam materials will be sent to your proctor. Take your recertification exam. Results for self-study students are mailed 4 weeks after your proctor mails your exam to the National Processing Center.

Your Recertification Certificate will be mailed to you 6–8 weeks after processing the exam.

Learn more about FiCEP.

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