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Harland Clarke announces new standard in check packaging

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SAN ANTONIO (1/26/12)--Harland Clarke Corp., a provider of marketing services, and payment and security solutions to financial institutions, has introduced a new check-packaging system that will replace its traditional checkbox.

The company has also introduced a website to support the new system.

Harland Clarke is a CUNA Strategic Services provider.

The new system, CheckFolio, aligns multiple checkbooks in a slim, compact folio, designed to allow consumers to more conveniently receive, store and access personal checks.

Harland Clarke said the design was the result of nationwide consumer testing and client feedback, including focus groups, online video surveys, surveys on check use, storage  and security and identity protection research. Harland Clarke further validated the consumer research with financial institutions.

"As we talked to consumers, we learned that they wanted more than what the standard checkbox offered," said Gwen Cuffie, Harland Clarke vice president of product solutions and marketing. "So we took an 'outside-the-box' approach and developed a new system that delivers a better account holder experience."

Harland Clarke said CheckFolio addresses three key needs consumers expressed about check packaging:

  1. Organization: All CheckFolio components are packaged together, for easy access and storage
  2. Security: CheckFolio is delivered in a slim, tamper-evident wrap, designed for discreet storage.
  3. Environmental Efficiency: The design of CheckFolio uses less material, creates less waste and is recyclable.
CheckFolio also provides consumers with options on how they  can use their checks: They can choose to leave their checkbooks in place and write their checks. Or they can remove a checkbook (typically packaged in books of 25 personalized checks) as needed and place it in a regular individual checkbook cover.

"We know that checks remain an important aspect of personal banking and that consumers are increasingly seeking ways to organize and simplify their checking activities," said Dan Singleton, Harland Clarke president and chief operating officer. "CheckFolio enables financial institutions to meet these needs in an innovative way and consumers are giving our clients credit for being forward-thinking and caring about their account holders."

Catalyst Corporate launches mobile solution

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PLANO, Texas (1/26/12)--Catalyst Corporate FCU, Plano, Texas, will introduce mobile banking services for its members.

The mobile solution offered by Catalyst Corporate allows credit union members to check balances, review transaction history and make internal transfers their smartphone devices. Credit union account holders also can make mobile check deposits by photographing the front and back of checks with their smartphones.

The service is currently compatible with iPhone and Android technologies--with plans to extend the services additional smartphone providers, said the corporate.

Catalyst Corporate's mobile solution also offers these features for its member credit unions:

  • A fully functional service that integrates with each credit union's core systems;
  • A customizable platform that can incorporate branding;
  • An emphasis on analytics and member satisfaction measurements through surveys; and
  • Access to marketing materials that can build product awareness and interest.

The core components of Catalyst Corporate's mobile solutions can be adopted to meet the individual needs of its credit unions, the corporate said. Catalyst Corporate offers stand-alone mobile banking; mobile banking with mobile check deposit; stand-alone mobile check deposit, and mobile check deposit that integrates with a credit union's existing mobile banking product.

CUTEK Skip-a-Pay helps members weather economy

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MURRIETA, Calif. (1/26/12)--Financial technology services provider and consultant CUTEK Inc. has introduced a custom interface for skip-a-pay transactions. 

CUTEK's interface displays all eligible member loans and warnings on their account to show if the member qualifies for skip-a-pay. Members who qualify can click on the loan(s) they would like to skip for a particular month and hit "process." Skip-a-Pay looks at each loan "skipped" and recalculates the date when the next payment is due.

CUTEK's Skip-a-Pay also allows credit unions to track member skips throughout the year, whether they were once a year or every six months. The credit union can create a "skip report" for its records and the member.

"Obviously, this service is really popular for the holidays and summer vacations," says CUTEK President Ron Murray. "But we have found that it has been used more and more since the economy has had its challenges, allowing members who may be in a bind to free up cash once or twice a year to use for extra spending money."