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New materials feature insurance 100-year milestone

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MADISON, Wis. (12/15/08)—-New member literacy materials from the Credit Union National Association offer information about credit union insurance coverage limits and the credit union centennial celebration. Credit Unions: Accounts Insured to $250,000 statement stuffer outlines the temporary increases in federal savings insurance coverage that resulted from the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Credit Unions: Safe and Sound statement stuffer clarifies the changes made to the National Credit Union Administration's insurance coverage as a result of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. It also explains single and joint ownership accounts, revocable-trust accounts, and self-directed retirement accounts, and provides examples of new coverage limits for each. Celebrate: 100 Years of Service statement stuffer provides a brief history of U.S. credit unions and how they have stayed true to their People Helping People philosophy. Celebrate a 100-Year Credit Union Milestone drive-up envelope informs members of the centennial celebration and credit union tradition. Other new or updated consumer pieces from CUNA include:
* Are Your Savings Ready for Anything? which encourages members to start building a savings reserve to be prepared for life-changing events. The stuffer also diagrams several savings vehicles and the basic characteristics of each; * Your Guide to Financial Fraud Prevention, which explores identity theft and ways to prevent and recover from it. The booklet describes check, mail and plastic card fraud, and the latest high-tech scams, such as skimming, pretexting, pharming, phishing, smishing, vishing and online payday loans. It also addresses common e-mail international-fraud scams like the Nigerian letter and inheritance, employment, lottery and online auction scams. Tips and advice for staying safe are provided with resources for more information; and * Keeping Score: Facts About Credit Scores, which defines the credit score and its importance to consumers. The redesigned stuffer also reveals the different types of credit scoring methods, the factors that affect credit scores, and steps for improving scores.
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