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FCUL Service Group announces ROI with three partners

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (2/17/09)--FCUL Service Group, a subsidiary of the Florida Credit Union League, announced that several of its partnerships have resulted in big savings for the credit unions it serves. Three credit unions in the state saved up to 28% through collaborative buying of computer equipment with Ventelligence, a vendor management solution offered by FCUL Service Group. Community lst CU of Florida, Sun State FCU, and Jackson County Teachers CU joined forces with Ventelligence to create a bidding war for the business of their computer equipment needs. Savings ranged from 7.6% to 28.1%. The collaborative buying process was facilitated in an online, live auction environment and offered an immediate 5% savings to the largest credit union's paper bid from their preferred supplier. In a second partnership, more than 15 credit unions participated in the Sprint cellular program in 2008, which generated more than $117,000 in incentives. At a time when non-interest income plays a pivotal role in financial soundness, Florida credit unions enrolled in the program experienced a positive return on investments (ROI). FCUL Service Group said a key benefit to the Sprint program is the monetary marketing incentive credit unions receive in return for advertising the services to their members. The credit unions also get free marketing materials. A third partnership in 2008 saved more than 1,500 credit unions across the U.S. more than half a million dollars on the Office Depot Business Services Division (GSD) collaborative purchasing program, said FCUL Service Group. The program is free to participate, and credit unions can order four ways. Credit unions work together to maximize reduced-spending opportunities.

Synergent partners with CO-OP Network

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WESTBROOK, Maine (2/17/09)--Synergent has partnered with CO-OP Network to complement the statewide Maine ATM Network, SurF, with CO-OP's access to more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs--including 9,000 deposit-taking ATMs--across the country. NorState FCU, a $124,623,441 asset credit union in Madawaska, Maine, is the first of Synergent’s credit union users to sign on to this service. “We believe ‘once a member, always a member,'” said David Rossignol, NorState president/CEO. “That means that we have to be willing to provide our members access to services wherever and whenever they need them. "Access to a nationwide surcharge-free ATM network fills a previously unmet need," he said. "Our members will now have access to cash wherever they happen to travel or live, without being faced with the need to open local bank accounts. This is especially useful for college students at institutions outside the state of Maine. Young people are our future and we must continuously reevaluate our relevance to them.”

Four new courses developed for CUNAs CPDOnline

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MADISON, Wis. (2/17/09)--Credit union employees can learn some of the basics of member service and training through four new courses offered through the Credit Union National Association’s CPDOnline self-study program. Front-Line Basics--Teaches teller fundamentals and professional member service through an interactive course. Online lessons address maintaining the teller workstation, handling cash and negotiable instruments, balancing the teller drawer, operating remote branches, understanding features and benefits of credit union products and services, and translating financial jargon into terms members understand. Managing Member Accounts--Outlines tips and the basic tools for providing member service and staying connected with members via new technologies. Online lessons also cover membership applications, savings and share draft accounts, loans, credit cards, ATMs and other member offerings. Call Center Service Skills--Presents techniques for relating with members and dealing with repetitive tasks. Online lessons also offer tools and technology to increase the success of the credit union call-management center and to handle special situations with ease. Transitioning to Trainer II--Builds on base knowledge in Transitioning to Trainer, including adult learning theory, multi-sensory learning, and motivation. Online lessons also help fine-tune training plans, learner evaluations, and presentation and facilitation skills. Other courses that were added to CUNA’s CPDOnline catalog include:
* Campaign Involvement--Addresses what credit union professionals can do to support credit union-friendly candidates and to get out the vote among their members. It also illustrates ways to get involved with local, state and federal political campaigns to further the credit union movement; * Public Affairs and Communication Strategies--Explores public affairs and effective communications strategies and provides tips for communicating credit union issues to local public officials; * Office of Foreign Assets Control: Training on Demand for Staff--Presents up-to-date information regarding the Office of Foreign Assets Control to ensure requirements have been met before an examination; * Money and Negotiable Instruments: Training on Demand for Staff--Details methods for detecting counterfeit money and recognizing bad checks to help prevent fraud. The course also improves efficiency and accuracy by helping attendees understand the methods for handling cash, share drafts, and traveler’s checks, and accepting deposits; * Subject-Matter Expert to Trainer: Training Basics Training on Demand for Staff--Outlines the basics of training staff efficiently and effectively to prepare subject-matter experts to teach up-and-coming credit union professionals and encourage development in themselves and others; and * Understanding the Audit Report: Training on Demand for Volunteers--Helps a supervisory committee better understand and evaluate the audit report, financial statements, and the auditor’s findings and recommendations to increase the report’s overall value.
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