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Federation Announces 'Critical Issues' Webinar Series For CDCUs

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NEW YORK (3/26/13)--The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions will offer a four-session webinar series about critical issues in the current financial environment for community development credit unions (CDCUs) or those serving members with modest means.

The first begins today. All webinars are held from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. EDT.

Expanding Loan Portfolios to Maximize Loan Profitability will meet today. It will address: How to increase profit potential by "reaching deeper" into the loan market; inherent risks in lending primarily to prime borrowers; how to accurately price loans for each risk grade to avoid unfair subsidies and assure factoring in additional costs of loaning to less-than-prime borrowers into the loan rate; and the importance of using a empirically-based, statistically validated pricing model that uses the credit union's history and data.

Managing Interest Rate Margins to Achieve Profit Objectives is set for April 23. Its topics include: Predictions of ongoing profitability challenges facing credit unions; the importance of a comprehensive forecasting and budgeting process; the profitability potential behind pricing each class of deposits accurately using empirical methods instead of emotions; and  how to assure loan and deposit rates are at their most efficient levels.

Effective Loan Management will be May 28 with these topics:  Challenges facing credit unions as they pursue profitable loan portfolios; why auditing firms and regulators are pressing credit unions to adopt and use credit migration models; how the right models can assist in forming and maintaining effective loan policies and procedures quickly; the methods behind the best credit migration models that accurately identify loans that are improving or digressing in quality; how the best credit migration models can be used to predict problem loans long before they show up on delinquency lists or other predictive reports; and what to look for when comparing credit migration models.

Accurate and Empirical ALLL Placement meets June 25. It will address: why confusion reigns among auditing firms, managers and examiners about the best models to use to predict loan portfolio problems and the correct methods to use to determine the amount to be set aside to fund a credit union's allowances for loan and lease losses (ALLL);  and the advantages in using an empirically and statistically based credit migration model to predict loan portfolio problems and determine what should be set aside in the ALL.

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