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Call centers not going away--Digital Dialogue

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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (5/30/08)--Call centers are not going away, according to Digital Dialogue, responding to an article News Now published recently about an online banking study that said Americans are more pleased with online banking operations than call centers. "While I agree that online banking options are becoming an increasing necessity for financial institutions and preferred channel for some members, I disagree with the implication that call centers are moving to the wayside," wrote Howard Hoemann, chief sales officer at Digital Dialogue, in a letter to the editor. The study referred to is the 2008 ForeSee Results/ Online Financial Services Study, which noted that highly satisfied customers are 38% less likely to use the …call center than the dissatisfied group. "That leaves 62% or a majority of members still in need of call center services," said Hoemann. "If online banking is the point of first contact for many members today, call centers function as a secondary point of contact with a help desk and live chat support. "In this day and age, credit unions simply must offer 365/24/7 total member service. While this includes online access, it also includes a cohesive and customized call center," he wrote. In concluding, he noted: "What it boils down to, however, is that credit unions must be running on all cylinders, offering constant access and relevant products and services. It is not just enough for credit unions to have a local branch or a website or an after-hours number. They must have all three truly provide total member service to secure both satisfaction and loyalty." Use the resource links for the full text of Hoemann's letter, as well as the article, published on May 19, that prompted it. Digital Dialogue is a PSCU Financial Services company and provider of 24/7 call center operations and software solutions.