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Former CUNA leader Mica wins Wegner award
WASHINGTON (8/13/10)--Daniel A. “Dan” Mica, former president/CEO of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), is the winner of the 2011 Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Individual Achievement, presented by the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF). The honor to Mica will be one of three awards presented at the 23rd Annual Herb Wegner Awards Dinner hosted by NCUF at the Grand Hyatt Washington on Feb. 28-- Monday night of CUNA’s 2011 Governmental Affairs Conference. Online registration for dinner tickets will be available later this year on the NCUF website.
Click to view larger imageCUNA President/CEO Dan Mica (right), testified before the House Financial Services Committee on small business lending in May, and told lawmakers that credit unions could do a lot for the U.S. economy if the statutory cap on member business lending was increased. To Mica’s right is Paul Atkins, a member of the Congressional Oversight Panel and former Securities and Exchange Commissioner. (CUNA photo)
“I am deeply humbled by and immensely appreciative of this great honor,” Mica said. “Throughout my tenure as CUNA CEO, I gave my entire heart and soul to the movement, as I became a true believer in credit unions--and I will remain so the rest of my life.” NCUF cited Mica’s efforts to preserve credit union access for millions of consumers, safeguard an independent federal credit union regulator and system, protect credit unions’ federal tax exemption, spearhead a successful challenge to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) over unrelated business income tax (UBIT), garner unprecedented national positive press for credit unions, move credit unions to the forefront of financial literacy, raise credit union political involvement to the highest levels and other achievements. “The most significant thing about Dan is that he took credit union people into his heart,” said Mike Mercer, CUNA vice chairman and Georgia Credit Union Affiliates president/CEO. “He could have exercised commendable leadership from the stage and from his perch on Pennsylvania Avenue. But, something happened to Dan that I don’t think he anticipated. He became genuinely attracted to the philosophy and good deeds that he encountered in the credit union world. When he was defending credit union issues on the Hill or in the press, he was speaking with genuine emotion for what he believed to be right.” “Dan has demonstrated personal commitment, inspirational leadership, and innovation that have been second to none in the credit union movement in the past 14 years,” said Jeff Post, president/CEO of CUNA Mutual Group. “Without question, credit unions, their members, and the entire credit union movement have benefited from his vision, passion, political savvy and enduring spirit.” “Everyone knows about his work to preserve the credit union tax exemption, the Hike the Hill program, Project Zip Code and Credit Union House,” said Pete Crear, president/CEO of the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). “Not enough people know what a wonderful international ambassador for credit unions he has been throughout his tenure at CUNA. His opinion is much valued by the Aussies, the Canadians, and the Irish among many, many others. He has served as the chair of the World Council CEO Roundtable and recently hosted the inaugural WOCCU G-10 (ten largest members) gathering.” Dan Mica’s key accomplishments as CUNA president/CEO:
* Preserving credit union access for millions of consumers; * Safeguarding an independent federal credit union regulator and system; * Protecting credit unions’ federal tax exemption; * Winning an eight-year battle for bankruptcy abuse reform legislation; * Ensuring credit unions are part of balanced regulatory relief legislation; * Raising political involvement to new levels and establishing credit unions as a powerful, ongoing, and highly visible presence in Washington; * Spearheading a successful challenge to the IRS over UBIT; * Garnering unprecedented positive national press attention for credit unions; * Changing numerous NCUA rules (with significant business/cost implications for credit unions) for the better; * And doing the same at other key federal agencies with an impact on credit unions (Defense Department, Small Business Administration, Federal Reserve, Labor Department); * Establishing unique and comprehensive compliance resources for credit unions; * Advancing programs to help lower-income and minority members; * Moving credit unions to the forefront of financial literacy; * Serving as a critical catalyst for system-wide thought leadership; * Creating the Credit Union System National Disaster Preparedness Plan; and * Turning CUNA Strategic Services into a success story that annually saves credit unions millions of dollars.
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