Aligning Your Department With Credit Union Strategy course (print)

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May. 28, 2013 

Aligning Your Department With Credit Union Strategy

As a credit union leader, it's important to understand the ramifications of successful team building. This series of courses will help you improve the way team members interact and solve problems. Better problem - solving means better efficiency and increased efficiency boosts morale and productivity. Learn how to decrease stress, turnover, and operating costs while improving the credit union's public image during this course.

This is a CUNA STAR course.

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May. 28, 2013 

A comprehensive exam is included through CUNA CPDOnline. Additional exams can be purchased for $24.50 each.

Introduction to the Bigger Picture

  • Understand how your credit union's mission and core values lay the foundation for day-to-day work activities
  • Define strategy and how it relates to your credit union's mission and core values
  • Identify how your credit union's history influences its strategic direction
  • Explain how to use your credit union's strategy to define departmental goals

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Recognize the ways problems can affect operations and/or teamwork
  • List the benefits of solving problems for your team and the credit union
  • Know the six steps in the decision-making process
  • Identify three questions to ask yourself to ensure that a decision aligns with your credit union's strategy
  • Understand how to gain input and buy-in from team members by focusing on the facts
  • Explain how to implement and measure the effectiveness of a solution

Scheduling and Delegation

  • List the benefits of effective scheduling and delegating tasks
  • Identify potential obstacles related to effective scheduling and staff productivity
  • Discuss how delegation can improve the team's productivity
  • Explain how to delegate tasks by assessing team members' skills, abilities, and attitudes
  • Describe how to empower team members and provide support they need to accomplish delegated tasks
  • List the various forms of communication that support effective delegation

Process Improvement

  • Define process improvement
  • Describe how to assess processes for potential performance improvements
  • Explain how to enlist key players for process improvement
  • Identify the three characteristics of the goals for process improvement
  • Explain how to communicate the changes resulting from process improvement
  • List four ways to measure and monitor process improvement after implementation


  • Identify how to select team members to solve problems or improve processes
  • List the common teamwork derailers
  • Explain how to build trusting relationships with team members
  • Describe the role of delegation, empowerment, and shared decision making in supporting teamwork
  • List the communication skills needed to build teamwork
  • Provide examples of rewards and recognition that motivate teams
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May. 28, 2013 


Recognition opportunities are offered at various training milestones with CUNA designations and certificates.

College Credit

Select courses are recommended for college credit for students who pass proctored, college-level exams and carry college credit recommendations.

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May. 28, 2013 

CUNA courses are a simple, affordable way to provide current, real-world training to your credit union. Courses are available in print and/or online through CUNA CPDOnline. With hundreds of courses to choose from, you're sure to find learning materials to fit your credit union's needs. See a full course list.

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